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1 Treadwell Ranch & Recreation Investments is a full service brokerage specializing in ranches across Texas, specifically targeting hunting, ranching, and recreational properties. Our passion lies in the hunting and wildlife end of the spectrum, but we often evaluate a property based upon it's historic, livestock ranching potential. We pride ourselves in our ability to search out and find the ranch when given enough information.

Our goals are three fold:

1. To provide a real, outstanding customer service for buyers interested in our current listings and inventory of agricultural land investments.

2. As a dedicated ranch and hunting specialist, to provide sellers a broker who is well known in the hunting industry and can sell your property based upon its true management potential. Also, we see applied livestock grazing as an important tool in habitat management, so we offer a comprehensive and practical approach to evaluating large properties.

3. To make clients out of buyers who know they are looking for a special place, but could use assistance in locating and evaluating the potential of different parcels of real estate.

While we do handle a very limited number of qualified listings, our main focus is on the buyer. Too often a real estate viewing experience is limited to a rapid tour of some broker's listings whether they fit the buyers needs or not.

Rather than try to shoe-horn a buyer into one of our listed properties, we feel confident in our ability to find the right place. We feel like the buying and elimination experience should be very educational but not extremely time consuming.

As a buyer you have some notion of what you are looking for, even if it is only how far you will drive and what you want to be able to do once you arrive. This begins the elimination process, we research and find what is available within that radius. Then the education process begins with each new property viewed.

TR&R Huntin' Country program

For our buyers who contract with TR&R to represent them in the state of Texas through our Huntin' Country program, we can eliminate some of the leg work and mileage. We film TV quality video of the prospective listings, professionally edit them into 4-6 minute tours and ship them to the buyer's home or office. This allows the buyer to begin touring without travelling, saving time, money, and the entire mission in some married cases. From each individual tour we can begin to eliminate those which are wrong for whatever reason, while gleaning more specific information about the right place. When the buyer receives a tour that fits, then we meet in the field and really put our expertise to work on evaluating the property on its various merits.

If you are in the market for a particular ranch or recreational property, you could be miles ahead by calling Brian Treadwell at Treadwell Ranch and Recreation. Treadwell Ranch & Recreation is a solid partner for any type of ranch real estate transaction, offering outrageous service to our clients.



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Treadwell Ranch & Recreation is dedicated to providing customers and clients a real service in every aspect from evaluating rangeland potential to closing on large ranch transactions.more>

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